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Smart Wearable Devices

Contribute to the Metaverse and strive to become the world's leading supplier of device testing equipment

    Focusing on artificial intelligence, intelligent wearable devices and other fields, the SWD BU provides high-quality detection automation technology solutions for consumer electronics, automotive, medical and new energy industries.

  • Panel and Sensor

    Smart watch, AR/VR and other panel function testing equipment, sensor testing equipment

  • Acoustics and Airtightness

    Acoustic and airtight testing equipment such as wireless earphones and microphones

  • Process Assembly and Process Inspection

    Process assembly equipment and process testing equipment for SWD

Features and Advantages

    The SWD BU is a national high-tech enterprise with advanced technology and equipment and excellent technical backbone, formed its own technical characteristics and industrial advantages. The reputation of high efficiency, high speed and high quality has been unanimously recognized by customers. It has become the designated partner of leading customers in the global 3C industry.

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    Independent R&D, providing turnkey solutions

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    Covering functional testing form manual fixtures to the entire line of products, with high precision and fast speed

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    Independent PM team, responding to all customer needs

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    Professional after-sales team, quick response, 24*7 professional services

  • Smart Watch Tesing Equipment
  • CCC Device Acoustic Testing Equipment
    • Smart Watch Screen Function Automatic Testing Solution
    • Smart Watch Screen Assembly Tesing Equipment
    • Smart Watch Function Button Automatic Tesing Equipment
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      Smart Watch Screen Function Automatic Testing Solution
      • Smart watch automatic testing line
      • Super large in-line automation equipment with automatic loading and unloading and OLED screen functional testing
      • Comprehensive detection function, unmanned and high integration
      • The utilization rate of whole line ≥90%
      • International leading enterprises recognized and designated equipment
    • Smart Watch Screen Assembly Tesing Equipment
      • High precision servo motor module, positioning accuracy: ± 0.01mm
      • High precision pressure sensor, pressure accuracy ±2%
      • High precision laser measuring module, which can measure the gap above 0.05mm
      • Equipment utilization rate ≥95%
      • Equipment UPH = 200
    • Smart Watch Function Button Automatic Tesing Equipment
      • Use carrier for module testing, loading and unloading product without stopping, complete automatic testing process with high efficiency
      • 6 axis manipulator is used for product material exchange, with high repetition accuracy<0.02mm, fast loading and unloading speed, and improve the flexibility and efficiency of production
      • Use pressure sensor to control loading/unloading, pressure accuracy ±2%
      • Pressure sensor, rotating motor, contact product structure unit, speaker MIC frequency and sound volume adjustment button and lisa button, lisa rotation, 5V power supply
    • Wireless Earphone Air Tightness Automatic Tesing Equipment
    • Microphone Tesing Equipment
    • Wireless Earphone Air Tightness Automatic Tesing Equipment
      • Test module flow automatically in the tester by carrier
      • six axis manipulator for loading and unloading, accuracy ± 0.03mm
      • Air tightness test module, test accuracy ±3Pa
      • Equipment utilization rate ≥96%
      • Equipment UPH = 420
    • Microphone Tesing Equipment
      • Critical parts tolerance ±0.02mm
      • Reasonable mechanism design, testing 2 products in parallel, can retrofit for different sizes of products, strong compatibility
      • Independent developed sound insulation box, sound insulation can reach 40dB; automatic opening and closing design for both inner and outer box , products can be automatically sent out of the box and easy to take out, can be a part of an automatic test system