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Talent concept is the cornerstone of our common growth


A stage for capable employees

Objective employment mechanism to ensure that capable employees can fully demonstrate themselves

  • Broad development platform and opportunities

  • Work with colleagues who have same ambition working in a nice work place and achieve the company and yourself

  • Fair promotion mechanism and broad development space

Create a better future

Welfare System

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    All health

    Annual Health Checkup, Mental Health Counseling, Insurance, Infirmary, Healthy Workplace Program and Cooling and heating benefits.

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    Every moment

    Birthday, anniversary, marriage, maternity, sick care.

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    Every holiday

    Spring Festival, IWD, Children's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day.

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    All need

    Public rental housing benefits, Gym, Meal allowance, Preferential business benefits, Activities Funding, Team building, Coffee time.