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To provide an efficient and stable one-stop semiconductor equipment supplier

    The SEMI BU focuses on testing equipment related to semiconductor industry chain and makes future strategic layout for other advanced semiconductor process equipment. The products include wafer inspection, SiP packaging test, SoC chip test, CIS chip test, BMS chip test, RF chip test , AOI defect inspection and other services.

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Features and Advantages

    The SEMI BU is in charge of the core technologies of chip electrical measurement, optical measurement, image measurement, high-precision automatic control technology and reliability contact mating technology. With the advantages of multi-disciplinary comprehensive capabilities domestic and overseas, the SEMI BU provides the customers with high-efficiency and low-cost one-stop testing solutions. At the same time, it also has achieved breakthroughs in core technologies  on many advanced testing equipment. The products have been recognized by customers, and have successfully obtained mass production orders in the semiconductor industry globally.

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    Independent R&D, efficient, stable and fully functional software testing platform

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    Turnkey solutions for testing machines, sorting machines, AOI and consumables

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    Delivery Time

    Standardized products, short delivery time

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    Technical Team

    Nearly 100 AE and FSE engineers

  • ATE
  • Handler
  • AOI
  • Customization
    • T7600 series SoC Digital ATE
    • PXIe Platform Testing Equipment
    • CIS ATE
    • T7600 series SoC Digital ATE
      • 6 slots(T7600S)
        Digital channels support up to 768channels
        Power channels support 72channels
      • 12 slots(T7600M)
        Digital channels support up to 1536channels
        Power channels support 144channels
      • 18 slots(T7600H)
        Digital channels support up to 2304channels
        Power channels support 216channels
      • Digital board DP128
        128 digital channels, 400Mbps, DPS 12channels, RVS 4channels, BPMU 4channels
      • FVI32 floating voltage board
        Support up to 32 channels
        Voltage range: ±10V
        Voltage accuracy: ≤±0.5mV
        MAX current: 38.4A(1.2A/channel)
        Support Gang
      • DPS64 power board
        Support up to 64 channels
        Voltage Range: -2.5~8V
        Current output 1.5A/channel
        Ganged up to 96A
      • MX32 analog board
        HS: 0~250MHz, HR: 0~40KHz,
        THD -115dB
        Various channel configuration methods
        16 HS AWG+16 HS DIG
        16 HR AWG+16 HR DIG
        8 HS AWG + 8 HS DIG + 8 HR AWG+8 HR DIG
    • PXIe Platform Testing Equipment
      • Two chassis
        6-slot PXIe-C0601, 12-slot PXIe-C1201
      • A variety of self-developed boards
        digital boards, power boards, analog boards and RF boards, etc
      • Compatible with other brand systems
      • With self-developed multi-function software development platform
    • CIS ATE
      • Support up to 16 Sites Parallel Testing
      • Support MIPI, DVP and LVDS interface
        MIPI supports up to 1.6Gbps/lane
        LVDS supports up to 1.0Gbps/lane
      • DC Performance
        192 DC channels and 96 power channels
      • Digital Performance
        Digital supports up to 384 channels, 400Mbps
      • Test frequency up to 6GHz, power up to 35dBm
      • Support SPI, MIPI and custom digital communication libraries
      • Noise Figure measurement: Support Y-Factor and Cold Noise methods
      • 32 bidirectional RF ports with 8 input and 8 output for high power
      • Domestic chip leading enterprises stable mass production
    • 16 Site CIS PnP Handler
    • 128 Site PnP Handler
    • Turret Handler
    • 16 Site CIS PnP Handler
      • Support up to 16 Sites Parallel Testing
      • Support self-contained light source or other types of light source
      • MAX UPH:4,500
      • MIN size of product can be tested
    • 128 Site PnP Handler
      • Support up to 128 Sites Parallel Testing
      • UPH>11,000 (T.T.>30s)
      • Jam Rate<1/5000            
      • MIN size of product can be tested
      • Support QR code, character and chip recognition
      • Support SECS/GEM with completed analysis Tool
      • Handler + PXIe all-in-one platform solution
    • Turret Handler
      • Two models
      • Support six-surface inspection
      • Support QFN, DFN, SOIC and other packages
      • UPH>30,000
      • MTBA>1h
    • Wafer Macroscopic Defect AOI Solution
    • Wafer Macroscopic Defect AOI Solution
      • Deploying precise mobile platform in positioning with super-high HFR(high frame rate) data acquisition capability, to improve the customer’s productivity
      • Possessing sub-micron optical resolution, able to detect the defects in manufacturing
      • Supporting BF/DF multi-mode imaging, thus to display the defects more intuitively
      • Employing deep learning algorithms for an automatic defect classification, to realize manpower and cost saving
    • BMS Automatic Testing Solution
    • Six-surface Automatic Testing Equipment
    • BMS Automatic Testing Solution
      • Independently developed battery management chip testing equipment
      • Completely replace manual operation
      • Data is uploaded to the client MES system in real time
      • Designated products of international leading mobile phone enterprises
      • Automatic loading and unloading of carriers and life management
      • Available for most of the BMS chip testing, BMU and battery pack testing
      • High precision detection in ultra wide voltage and current range
      • Minimum measuring accuracy: voltage 0.3mV, current 0.4μA
      • Follow general instrument testing standards both domestic and overseas
    • Six-surface Automatic Testing Equipment
      • UPH up to 15k, six-surface visual inspection
      • Tray in mode effectively avoids secondary damage of high-end chips
      • AI algorithms are combined with traditional algorithms to customize the optical system
      • OCR/Code reading includes defect types on all sides