Work v. Create

Posted by on Feb 17, 2012
Work v. Create

work: exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil

create: the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns to produce meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations

Do you work? Or do you create?

Before you check out because you may not sit in a creative department of your organization, please understand that what I’m saying is that regardless of your role or job description, most people work a lot, and with great effort. However, if all you do is work, then all you’re doing is just “getting it done”. Putting in the hours. Checking the box. You could be missing the big opportunity – to challenge convention, and yourself, in order to create something new and newly valuable.

In today’s ever-changing galaxy of innovation, technology, and invention, work is a commodity. And while hard work is of great value in it’s obvious way, everyone does it. It distinguishes no one. And more importantly, it distinguishes no product, brand or service.

Creativity in your thinking, your solutions, and your unique perspective of the tasks specific to your expertise is what sets you and the brands you serve apart. And that applies to every role from the front desk to the window offices. A willingness to create new solutions, and challenge the way things have always been done, can have a profound effect on your company and its culture.

In a world where your value to your clients, your company, and your career is dependent on your ability to create, it’s essential to practice inventive thinking as an organization. Develop the new. Innovate. Delight, entertain, and surprise.

Work is routine, it feels comfortable.

Creativity is a constant challenge to routine. It can make you feel a bit off balance. It keeps things interesting for everyone.

Work serves the expectations of others with no surprises.

Creativity breaks expectations. Creativity is all about surprises. Surprises change everything.

Work cultivates consensus.

Creativity cultivates a new and sometimes polarizing effect. Creativity cultivates passionate reactions.

Reactions reflect a consumer’s investment of time and interest. Reactions are the most valuable product a creative minded professional can hope to manufacture.

So. Are you going to work tomorrow? Or are you going to create?