Why we no longer have advertising on our walls.

Posted by on Aug 2, 2011
Why we no longer have advertising on our walls.

It seems that we have always had a gallery of ads adorning the walls of our offices. Carefully crafted ads are, indeed, works of art.  It provides a chance to show the impressive work we do for our clients and give visitors a chance to experience the high creative standards we set for ourselves. The common question someone would ask when they were told they had a great idea for an ad would often be: “Yes…but will it make it on the wall?”

And that made all the sense in the world…when traditional advertising was what we did most.

But today, it’s different.

The whole idea of marketing has morphed into a new world of communication that goes well beyond the realm of traditional advertising.  We have embraced that change at HY Connect.  Our mission today is to discover the points of connection that will resonate between consumers and brands, customers and companies.

Connect is who we are.  Connect is what we do. So we replaced the advertising with something we think is more appropriate; inspirations that reflect “connection.”

In our Chicago office the ads have been replaced by images, words, pictures, ideas…anything that stimulates creative thought.

In Milwaukee the ads have been replaced by original photographs, taken by our employees that reflect a connection.

We are very proud of all of our work – traditional and contemporary – and it is featured throughout our web site.  But we are even more excited about the future.  We see a world of business and communication where, we believe, connection is the focus we need to keep in full view.

And that’s why the ads have been replaced on our walls.