“Where does it hurt?” HY Connect launches Wahl Massagers website

Posted by on Apr 10, 2012
“Where does it hurt?” HY Connect launches Wahl Massagers website

Wahl Massager Site ImageThe new Wahl Massagers website we developed is a groundbreaking resource that is now accessible to consumers looking for effective ways to cope with the side effects of chronic pain.

Living with chronic pain is a prevalent medical issue many people must deal with on a daily basis. With an increasing demand for information on alternative pain management, we had a great opportunity, and also a challenge, to develop an innovative lifestyle website that would be the go-to source for massage and pain management. Our goal was to create an easy-to-use website that would go into detail on the effects of massage on the body, specifically chronic pain benefits and solutions. For example, the interactive “Where Does It Hurt?” and “What Is Your Condition?” sections help consumers determine which massager will be most effective in addressing their personal needs by allowing them to pinpoint their pain on a diagram of the human body. In addition, the site also features massage guides, product information and customer testimonials.

“We’re thrilled that we were able to help Wahl create a much needed resource for effective pain management,” explains Tom Watson, SVP, Director of Client Service. “This was a great opportunity for our ever expanding digital team, and they rose to the challenge by creating an authoritative and user-friendly website that wonderfully conveys Wahl’s expertise in the realm of massage and chronic pain management. Given that the first product Leo J. Wahl created back in 1914 was a medical massager, we are confident that he’d be as happy with the website as we are.”

WahlMassagers.com is already receiving a lot of buzz, we’ve gotten lots of editorial coverage, including the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch and there are banner ads running on select websites.