Wahl Print Ad Honored by Graphis Advertising Annual

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014
Wahl Print Ad Honored by Graphis Advertising Annual

A Wahl print ad for the Hot-Cold Massage Therapy was recognized by the2014 Graphis Advertising Annual. HY Connect created the “Heat Before/Ice After” ad to visually illustrate the unique dual temperature controls of the Wahl massager.

“Magazines have been losing market share to more responsive digital platforms like websites and mobile,” noted HY Connect Chief Creative Officer Mark Catterson. “We found an interactive way –– in print –– to promote a unique product feature. And Graphis rewarded that creative thinking.”

The Graphis Advertising Annual is an internationally recognized honor selected by a panel of judges for excellence in advertising. Graphis is known for publishing the world’s most significant and influential works from the greatest talent in design, advertising and photography since 1944.

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Wahl print ad