The Sounds of a Bygone Era Land HYC in Prestigious Radio Mercury Awards

Posted by on Sep 14, 2012
The Sounds of a Bygone Era Land HYC in Prestigious Radio Mercury Awards

We are proud that our Wisconsin Lottery holiday commercial was recently named a finalist in the prestigious Radio Mercury Awards. The spot evokes the nostalgic sound of holiday songs from the 1940s and 1950s to market the Wisconsin Lottery Holiday Instant Scratch Games. The annual awards, established in 1992, recognize outstanding radio commercials and PSA’s on a national scale. Winners will be announced in October.

“We really wanted to recreate that classic holiday sound and have people not even realize they were listening to a commercial,” said HY Connect Executive Creative Director Mark Catterson. “We received a lot of positive feedback during its run dates and while the recognition from the Mercury Awards is exciting, the real success of the spot is that it actually worked to sell more game tickets.”

To achieve an authentic mid-century sound, vocal groups like the Pied Pipers and the Mondernaires were researched to emulate their multi-layered harmonies. Instead of electronically sampling music, as is commonplace today, the song was recorded live with 11 members of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. The arrangement also included pizzicato parts, or the plucking of strings, which are faithful to the era in reference. We even went as far as using a period drum set from 1953 to insure proper sounding drum heads. All of these components, plus a lead vocal reminiscent of Frank Sinatra and Perry Como, combine to bring the spot back to the height of popular holiday songs.

To listen to the song, click here. But prepare yourself to be humming the tune the remainder of your day.