What it Takes to Create a Great Quiz

Posted by on Mar 21, 2014
What it Takes to Create a Great Quiz

Ever wonder which super power you should have? How about which U.S President you should be? The white hot appeal of quizzes has taken our social media feeds by storm. We researched what it takes to create a great quiz like your own Buzzfeed-like quiz and devised a 5-step process after spending significant time in the field (that is, taking many, many quizzes).

1. What compelling question will your quiz answer? The appeal of these quizzes are that they answer an intriguing question. Similar to horoscopes, the question has broad appeal while feeling personal to the reader. In our case, we wanted to answer “Which Buzzfeed Quiz Should You Take Next?”

2. Start with the results. To write a great quiz, you need to start with the answers. We narrowed our results to six obscure Buzzfeed quizzes that varied in appeal.

3. Great copywriting. Once you have your results, it’s time to write the questions and answers that lead you there. These should be as enjoyable and entertaining as the final results. Do not exceed 8-10 questions out of respect for people’s time, they don’t want to work too hard for the result. We wrote each of our questions with six possible answers that directly corresponded to the final six results for easy matching.

4. Simple images. Let images do the heavy lifting throughout the quiz. Represent each answer with a great but simple visual, people will intuitively know which answer they are drawn to.

5. Integrate with Social Media. Once you’re happy with your quiz, share it with everyone you know! We used Offerpop to host our quiz which easily integrates with Facebook, allowing people to post their result to their wall and encourage their friends to also take the quiz.

Take our quiz to find out “Which Buzzfeed Quiz you Should Take Next”.