Roar of the Turtle: HY Connect launches 2012 Turtle Wax campaign

Posted by on May 10, 2012

Just in time for car waxing season, we recently wrapped up work on our 2012 campaign for Turtle Wax.

To promote the reformulation of Turtle Wax ICE, one of the company’s flagship wax products, we created a 30-second national TV spot, a print ad, and a substantial interactive campaign complete with banner ads and road blocks on sites such as and

In addition to Turtle Wax ICE, we also developed an informative microsite Tire & Wheel Hub to promote Turtle Wax’s expertise and related products for tire and wheel care. Rounding out the campaign, we also developed two print ads and digital banners for the Turtle Wax licensed brand Zymol, a high-end line of waxing products favored by the most discriminating luxury car owners and dealers.

HY Connect started work for Turtle Wax in 2011.