Kellie Bliss Named Chief Experience Officer

Posted by on May 14, 2012
Kellie Bliss Named Chief Experience Officer

Kellie Bliss, Chief Experience OfficerThe best businesses and brands today are built with a focus on the ever-evolving customer. Whether it’s with the consumer, the community or the client, building relationships with customers that last is the ultimate key to success in any business.

At HY Connect, we know today’s clients have expectations that go beyond simple business transactions and professional formalities; they want to work with partners who not only deliver results, but who simplify their lives and are a pleasure to work with everyday.  This begins in a big way by adapting our teams, our approach and our processes to meet individual client needs.

Enter The Chief Experience Officer, whose role is to ensure that the agency satisfies, and surpasses, each client’s expectations for working with us. Kellie Bliss officially wears the hat of Chief Experience Officer at HY Connect. As Chief Experience Officer, Kellie is responsible for curating HYC’s resources to make them easily accessible to our staff, as well as defining key service standards and processes that delivery on an “over the moon” experience for our client partners.

Part of HYC’s strength is its unique ability to flex with every client’s needs because we operate under a decentralized Hub N’ Spoke service delivery model as opposed to the more traditional hierarchical approach.  While this ultimately maximizes team entrepreneurship, creativity, integration and flexibility in support of our client needs, it requires that we have an arsenal of best in practice tools and service standards to ensure the highest quality partnership with our clients.  Kellie’s priority goals include:

  • Defining and improving sharing of best practices across specialties and departments
  • Streamlining and enhancing key client touch-points through initiatives such as a new on-boarding program for new clients and service delivery standards
  • Developing regular and motivating training to energize staff
  • Creating an internal sharing portal for “go to” tools

“The Customer Experience is not a department,” Kellie explains, “it is a competency that is defined as a priority by leadership, developed, inspired and directed by a Champion or Guide who works cross-functionally to empower all departments and staff to ensure that all things that matter, do.” With Kellie serving as our Guide as Chief Experience Officer, we expect to bring out the best HYC has to offer for our client partners and their brave brands.

Kellie’s role as Chief Experience Officer is receiving buzz within the industry too. You can read Steve Congdon’s interview with Kellie on his Thunderclap Consulting blog.