Keeping Pace with Real-Time Communications

Posted by on May 22, 2013
Keeping Pace with Real-Time Communications

In our increasingly digital world, where everything happens faster and faster, “real-time” has almost become a meaningless buzzword.  Yet, there are some situations where brand communications has to happen that quickly. In the case of our Yamaha client, one such instance occurs at least once a year during the Bassmaster Classic.  Since 1970, anglers from across the world have gathered for the championship bass fishing tournament.  And just as fast as the anglers hit the water, HYC is able to keep pace.

Working with Yamaha Outboards, HY Connect created a contingency marketing plan to advertise the victory in real-time if a Yamaha-sponsored angler won the tournament.  To properly announce the winner, our communications plan featured a new homepage banner and product page banner for, social posts on Facebook and Twitter and a new Facebook banner image.

In preparation for this, the entire team was briefed on all of the deliverables weeks in advance, and they created templates for the many online elements ahead of the tournament.  A contact system was pre-arranged so if a Yamaha angler won, Yamaha would contact the account executive, who would in turn activate the interactive producer, art director and social media manager.  With the team organized and ready to execute, all we had to do was await the results come Sunday evening.

As soon as the scales tipped for one last time and Yamaha angler Cliff Pace was donned the winner, our team was off to the races.  Yamaha provided the details of their win via text message and e-mail at 7 p.m. on Sunday evening.  Photography was forwarded from the awards ceremony at 8 p.m.  The news of the win and photos were shared with the team, and layouts were provided via e-mail for approval.  After a few revisions, Yamaha gave the thumbs up.  Materials were uploaded, posted and within 3 hours of notification, Cliff Pace’s face was all over and social media.

The ability for HY Connect to execute real-time communications in the fast-paced marketing world today is an invaluable asset.  The team can’t wait until next year, either.