How Influencer Marketing Strategies “Create Cool” and Transform Brands

Posted by on May 24, 2016
How Influencer Marketing Strategies “Create Cool” and Transform Brands

As an advertising and social media innovator, HY Connect is continually challenged to make clients’—and their products’—messages and services stand out. In 2016, it means thinking a bit differently about the creative process to take advantage of consumer behaviors in social, mobile and digital channels.

When Village Inn challenged HYC to help them meaningfully connect to a younger audience, deliver authentic messaging around Mother’s Day and drive pie sales, the social team jumped into action, deploying an influencer marketing program. With little time, and a modest and efficient budget, we sold in and executed a Denver-based influencer marketing initiative.

Our “guest Creative Directors” are trend-setters and tastemakers trusted by Village Inn’s target audience, providing instant credibility to Village Inn’s products. The social team found and vetted the influencers, then negotiated sweet deals on behalf of Village Inn (including full rights to their content and likenesses).

With creative management from the social team, our influencers helped deliver Mother’s Day messaging in their own unique styles, with direct ties back to client objectives—creating powerful and impactful messaging to Village Inn’s desired demographics.

The results? Overnight social media domination in the Denver market. Our trackable metrics include organic impressions, brand mentions trending in social media and, of course, pie sales. Below are a few tasty snapshots of what the influencers came up with. Village Inn pies have never been more authentic, cool, and “with it.” The content continued through Mother’s Day. Check it out!

As mediums like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Periscope continue to grow and authentically connect with audiences like never before, influencer marketing strategies present critical opportunities for brands. As demonstrated with Village Inn’s Mother’s Day pie initiative, influencer marketing campaigns provide creative and unique avenues for accomplishing powerful results.