Is Facial Hair Performance Enhancing? HYC Swings for Fences with Wahl and MLB All-Stars to Prove it

Posted by on Jul 16, 2013
Is Facial Hair Performance Enhancing? HYC Swings for Fences with Wahl and MLB All-Stars to Prove it

For years, baseball fans have debated the power of facial hair. Some dismissed it as yet another athletic superstition. Others claimed it enhanced on-field performance, that beards boost confidence and intimidate opponents. HY Connect resolved to set the record straight for Wahl just in time for the MLB All-Star Game. The annual event featuring the best baseball players in the league was the perfect setting to launch the research findings that show players with facial hair have an edge. With the right blend of data and fun, HY Connect is rallying the sports community around Wahl and facial hair.

For the study, HY Connect brought together Wahl with STATS, the leader in sports analytics. They gathered statistics from the past 10 years, comparing All-Star players with and without facial hair. The findings were compelling: scruffy sluggers bested their beardless counterparts in every category, dominating in homeruns, RBIs, batting average, slugging percentage and extra-base hits. It was the same story with the Homerun Derby—clean-shaven players couldn’t keep up.

To maximize community engagement, HY Connect is revealing the findings on multiple platforms, including digital and social, as well as fueling fervor with media relations and pro baseball player activation. The new study and MLB All-Stars campaign promotes Wahl’s male grooming products. It also continues the conversation about sports and facial hair that HY Connect and Wahl began earlier this summer through a documentary-style ad campaign featuring the Clinton LumberKings, a minor league baseball team in Iowa.

By creating the right partnerships and exciting the community at large, HY Connect is calling the plays and changing the way America views baseball and grooming. And based on the campaign’s early success—prominent placements on Yahoo Sports, Sporting News, Esquire and Men’s Fitness, and social media engagement resulting in thousands of people going to Wahl’s men’s grooming website in a three-hour span—Wahl is destined to remain an MVP.