HYC Launches Fully Responsive Website for Focus on Energy

Posted by on Apr 29, 2013
HYC Launches Fully Responsive Website for Focus on Energy

HY Connect recently gave a full digital makeover to Focus on Energy, an online resource for Wisconsin residents and business looking to manage rising energy costs. As the main marketing and outreach channel for customers and program partners, the website redesign was critical to improving customer satisfaction and increasing trade ally and contractor engagement.

Here is a breakdown of the four key components of our redesign:

  1. Improved Portal for Trade Allies
    Through market research, Focus on Energy found that trade allies are a key point of referral for new enrollment. Since trade allies are so valuable, their section of the site was enhanced to be a digital support tool and provide the very latest marketing materials, process forms, in-field tools, informative presentations and training opportunities.
  2. Streamlined Navigation
    In order to increase enrollment in Focus on Energy programs, navigation was streamlined to give users a clear path through the site. Online enrollment was also expanded to remove the barriers of printing, filling out and mailing paper forms. Now users can enroll quickly and easily online.
  3. Simplified Content Availability
    Previously, the Focus on Energy website offered content-heavy PDFs that users and partners had to download to access information. Now, that information is integrated into the site and is much more aesthetically pleasing. Users are more empowered to make decisions with this additional access to content.
  4. New Mobile Site
    The process of developing the new site focused on enhancing user experience, streamlining navigation and simplifying the content available. Focus on Energy recognized that users should be able to access this information from anywhere, at any time. A mobile version offers simpler navigation, ideal for smart phone and tablet viewing.

Look for us at the AESP Spring Conference, where our new site will be presented at the conference April 29 – May 1.