HY Connect Launches Fresh New Campaign for Peapod

Posted by on Jul 18, 2012
HY Connect Launches Fresh New Campaign for Peapod

Selecting fresh produce is usually the most important part of a trip to the grocery store. Unfortunately, it is often the most time-consuming as well. Amid the daily chaos of our busy lives, does anyone actually have the time to inspect every apple for bruises, to test every tomato for firmness, or to sniff every mango for freshness? Peapod, the leading online grocer in the Chicagoland area, is asking consumers to let them do the grocery shopping legwork with a new campaign.

“We hear all the time that people do not have enough time to devote to grocery shopping. Sometimes they end up forgoing produce altogether, opting for less healthy, ready-made food choices instead,” said Brad Porter, Peapod’s Marketing Manager. “We want to make sure that people who want high quality produce can get it, and get it easily.”

The new campaign uses television spots and direct mail to call attention to Peapod’s system of delivering the freshest, highest quality food to its customers. One commercial highlights the time and care Peapod puts into selecting apples from a small orchard and picking each one “at its peak of flavor.” Direct mail pieces showcase the produce in a unique way—with mouthwatering photos as well as a scratch-n-sniff of fresh macintosh apples inside the fold of the mailer. In addition, the TV spots and the mailers both offer a promotional code for $20 off a customer’s first purchase. So far, Peapod has seen great success with this campaign.

Peapod is the largest and most successful Internet supermarket in the United States. Established in 1989, Peapod was built from the dream that grocery shopping can be simple and efficient. Peapod continues to use its core values to help provide an organized, efficient grocery service for time-crunched people.

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