HY Connect Earns Award for NetCredit Blog

Posted by on Sep 30, 2013
HY Connect Earns Award for NetCredit Blog

HY Connect is proud to announce that its client NetCredit, a licensed online lender for mid-size personal loans, has been awarded a Financial Services Standard of Excellence by the Web Marketing Association for its blog. The Web Marketing Association’s international WebAwards website competition is the standard setter for excellence in 96 industry categories. The annual awards recognize outstanding and effective work on the internet.

“We know our target audience spends a lot time online, but they don’t necessarily spend that time reading up on finance. Our goal is to create something that builds a genuine connection by demystifying financial services in a way that also entertains,” said HY Connect VP Director of Social Media Nicholas Kinports.

The blog serves as a financial resource for consumers—a place for tips and advice even when they are not in the market for a loan. Blog content ranges from tips on cheap vacations to buying groceries on a budget. In this way, NetCredit is establishing itself as a leader and educator in the financial services industry. HY Connect provided counsel on launching and maintaining the blog as well as copywriting. Visit the NetCredit blog at www.netcredit.com/blog.

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