Hoffman York Releases Its 2011 PURSEuasion Report: Super Bowl Advertising Effectiveness To Women

Posted by on Feb 7, 2011

– Report explores “purse quotient” with Volkswagen Darth Vader ad rated the most effective and Go Daddy the least effective ad resonating with women. –

CHICAGO (February 7, 2011) – After viewing four hours of football and 45 minutes of commercials, Hoffman York‘s advertising to women division, the Kaleidoscope Group, is pleased to release its 2011 PURSEuasion Report: Super Bowl Advertising Effectiveness to Women. The report identifies a “purse quotient” to determine the most effective and least effective ads when it comes to influencing a woman’s intent to purchase. With research showing that women control 80 percent of all purchases, from a numbers standpoint, the Super Bowl has been a smart and efficient way to reach women (the audience is nearly 50 percent women), but not all advertisers take advantage of the opportunity.

“We scored the Chrysler spot “Detroit,” in the top ten. The panel enjoyed the feeling and message the ad was sending but the overall product benefit and intent to buy wasn’t strong enough to make it a winner,” said Tom Jordan, chief creative director at Hoffman York and author of Re-Render the Gender, focusing on why the vast majority of advertising to women misses the mark and what we can do about it.

At the bottom of the pack were Homeaway.com, Groupon.com, Lipton Brisk, GoDaddy and all the Pepsi Max spots.

“There were a few clear winners and several losers but most ads were in the middle of the pack – neither good nor bad,” said Jordan. “Overall, this year the ads were less offensive than last year; but there were lots of ads in the middle of the pack with missed opportunities.”

Last year’s PURSEuasion Report ranked Teleflora dead last. This year it was in the middle of the pack. “Teleflora’s teaming up with Faith Hill was a great idea but they used her as a bit player rather than the solution,” added Jordan.

Bridgestone Tires moved up the PURSEuasion rankings this year as well. Last year’s ad, that ranked second to the bottom, suggested that a driver choose between his wife and his tires. This year’s spots “Reply All” with an office worker accidentally sending an organization-wide email and “Carma” featuring a beaver saving a driver were better received by the Kaleidoscope panel but not clear winners.

“Last year, Snickers had real star power in the likable, lovable, Betty White. This year, the same joke with Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr, arguably demonstrates that last year’s winner was probably Betty White, not the Snickers creative,” said Jordan.

The top three ads that resonated most with women as part of the report:

  1. Volkswagen: The Force
  2. Career Builder: Monkey Meeting
  3. E*Trade: Tailor

To determine the female “purse quotient,” Hoffman York’s Kaleidoscope group developed several guiding principles to determine what will influence a woman to purchase, including product benefit, likeability and most of all, whether they were compelling enough to influence women to buy the product.

As always, there were some advertisers who forgot to recognize that nearly 50 percent of their audience was made up of females. According to this year’s report, ads that missed the mark when it came to the “purse quotient” included:

  1. Go Daddy: Nude
  2. PepsiMax: Love Hurts
  3. Lipton Brisk: Eminen

“There’s no doubt that some products advertised during the Super Bowl are aimed directly at men,” added Jordan. “That’s fine. But it’s not a good idea to offend women if you want them to happily accept your products as a gift or part of a dual decision.”

About The Kaleidoscope Group and Hoffman York

The Kaleidoscope Group is a unit of Hoffman York dedicated to understanding the real motivating factors that influence advertising to women. Over the past five years Hoffman York has conducted proprietary research that provides criteria to successfully reach a female audience. Much of the research is highlighted in Re-Render the Gender, a book written by Tom Jordan that focuses on why the vast majority of advertising to women misses the mark and what we can do about it.

Hoffman York is a fully integrated marketing communications agency offering a full suite of services that include advertising, public relations and interactive. The agency has offices in Chicago and Milwaukee with $90 Million in annualized billings. For more information about Hoffman York, visit www.hoffmanyork.com or for more information about The Kaleidoscope Group, go to www.kscopegroup.com.

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