Chicago Office Adds Third Floor, Restructures for Collaboration

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014
Chicago Office Adds Third Floor, Restructures for Collaboration

The marketing industry has seen significant innovation over the last few years. The lines between disciplines are blurring and integration is crucial for successful campaigns. Earned, owned and paid media are more cohesive than ever before. HY Connect recognizes this trend and sees its own rapidly growing business and staff as an opportunity to expand its Chicago footprint. The agency now occupies a third floor in its current office building at Ontario Street and Michigan Avenue. The move includes a strategic relocation of departments: combining paid media, PR and social media on a single floor. The HY Connect Chicago office last expanded in 2012 when it remodeled and added a second floor.

The physical integration of paid, PR and social fosters more complete collaboration to better serve clients. Department leaders— Kyle Krueger in paid media, Kelley Whalen in PR and Nick Kinports in social media—will continue to work more closely on integrated projects and an ever-growing channel selection.

“Having this new media floor positions all three media types as one cohesive media offering,” said HY Connect President Dave Sheehan. “Although ‘growing pain’ is a welcome problem to have as an agency, this is a strategic move we’re very proud of and excited about.”

HYC is well versed in integrated media. In one example, see our award winning work for Wahl that included paid, earned and social media elements.