Brewers provide big bang for the Wisconsin Lottery.

Posted by on Oct 11, 2011
Brewers provide big bang for the Wisconsin Lottery.

The Milwaukee Brewers have clinched the National League Central, and have received the highest TV ratings in the majors for both games and post-games. That’s a home run for the Wisconsin Lottery, whose TV commercials have received twice the exposure, for no additional cost.

TV spots aren’t the only place the Wisconsin Lottery is scoring big exposure. Fans, just for a moment, allow us to direct your attention to the scoreboard, and to Brewers radio network, and to the Brewers’ MLB website—because the Wisconsin Lottery is there, too.

A few years ago, HY Connect set out to rebrand home runs as Powerballs. Today, when the Brewers get a dinger, radio talent readily refer to them as Powerballs, an LED ribbon encircles Miller Park, exclaiming, “That’s what we call a Powerball” and the homerun is added to the Powerball Home Run Leader Board, which is displayed on the jumbotron, as well as on Fox Sports Wisconsin during the game, and on the Brewers MLB website. This seamlessly integrated campaign has not only become a model for the Brewers organization, but has also connected the Wisconsin Lottery with the highlight of any Brewer game—the home run. So in a sense, they’ve become less of a sponsor and more a part of the game. We can’t think of a bigger win than that.

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