“Big Game” Predictability Predictions

Posted by on Feb 2, 2013
“Big Game” Predictability Predictions

It’s Saturday night, the night before the “Big Game” and guess who’s already seen over half of the commercials that will be aired Sunday? And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Through emails. Through tweets. Through browsing. There’s no escaping the “sneak peeks” that get thrown at us. Not to mention, the many marketers who started airing their “Big Game” commercials last week.

The hype. The hoopla. The overanalyzing. It’s all become predictable. You know you’re going to see a snack food commercial made by some person that won a contest. You’ll see the female racecar driver doing her thing in her skin-tight black leather outfit. You’ll see the Clydesdales acting human. A beverage giant truck driver pitted against another beverage giant. You’ll see the commercials with the dorky guy getting the hot girl. More than once I might add. There’ll probably be some type of malfunction, too. And then, come Monday morning, you can predict that most everyone around the office will say the same thing they’ve said for the last several years.

“I don’t think the commercials were very good this year.”

Maybe because you’ve already seen them this past week in some fashion or another. Just a thought. Like I said, most of the magic is gone.

I said most.

Because there’s one more prediction that is a lock. There will be that one commercial that brings a hush over your “Big Game” party. There always is. When people are left standing, and can only muster up one word after the fade to black. “Wow.”

And for that reason, because of that one magical commercial that captures both men and women alike, I will watch every ad during the “Big Game.” Because that’s the commercial that lasts longer than thirty or sixty seconds. And that’s everything we strive for as marketers. Defy predictability.

Bring on the “Big Game” and bring on the queso dip.