Anything is Possible: Tim’s Ironman Journey

Posted by on Oct 26, 2016
Anything is Possible: Tim’s Ironman Journey

Senior Media Planner Tim Blakemore is an Ironman. No, he is not Tony Stark helping the Avengers save the world, he earned the title by successfully swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles. All in less than 13 hours. Here is his story, his lessons learned preparing for such a feat and how it has helped him approach his growing career.

Looking to challenge himself, Tim participated in triathlons beginning in 2013, culminating in a half Ironman in 2015. That half Ironman was difficult enough that Tim vowed to never attempt a full distance Ironman. But, two months later, Tim registered for the Louisville Ironman 140.6.

Tim’s decision to register for the full Ironman—one of the ultimate mental and physical tests on Earth—was a result of his motivation to improve himself and to finish what he started.

Fast forward six months, Tim was officially an Ironman. No sweat, right?

For 20 weeks, Tim trained at 5:30 am and as late as 9:00 pm six days a week. Tim developed great discipline and determination.

HY Connect sat down with Tim to get his thoughts on his Ironman journey and how he’s grown from his experiences and to offer insight for anyone looking to take on similarly ambitious goals.

HYC: After vowing never to attempt the full Ironman, why did you sign up two months later?

TB: I figured, I completed the half Ironman and I’ve come this far, I can’t turn back now. The reward was too great and I worried I’d regret not sacrificing six months of training for a lifetime of satisfaction and growth from successfully completing the Ironman journey.

HYC: Do you have any regrets? What was the hardest part of preparing for the Ironman?

TB: To become an Ironman, I sacrificed a lot in my personal and social life for six months, but I have zero regrets. Now I know with the right focus, determination and planning, I can achieve any goal I pursue or overcome any obstacle in front of me.

HYC: What type of life and career lessons did you learn from your Ironman journey?

TB: One, planning makes all the difference. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Second, teamwork is crucial and it is key to absorb team members’ knowledge and skills as they are some of the best assets for learning and professional development. Third, set obtainable but challenging goals. Don’t cut corners, apply daily discipline and crush your goals.

Tim crushed his goals and after 12 hours, 54 minutes and 12 seconds, he became HY Connect’s Ironman.