3 Tips for Extending Events on Social Media

Posted by on Oct 9, 2013
3 Tips for Extending Events on Social Media

Social media should be inherent to event marketing. After all, what is an event if not an opportunity for socializing? Engaging with eventgoers on social media is a great way to turn people into long-term ambassadors, whether they attend the event or not. If done well, social media generates excitement and engagement before, during and long after your event.

Here are three tips to socialize your next event:

1. Event marketing doesn’t always have to be about the event. For example, our social content for Chicago’s iconic Windy City Wine Festival was about 10% event details and 90% wine content. We used funny memes, interesting facts, wine puns and jokes to engage our fans. Over the course of 45 days we increased fans nearly 30% and helped drive ticket sales.

2. Make it easy for partners to share your content. Don’t expect sponsors, partners or vendors to do the hard work for you. If you want them to promote the event to their audience, make it easy by writing posts for them with hashtags and @mentions included. Learn more about working with partners on social media.

3. Post quality photos during or shortly after the event. We love seeing ourselves on social media IF the photos are done well. Invest in a professional photographer or the person you know who has the best photography skills to snap pictures of event goers. Be sure to let people know where to find the photos on social. Photo albums, Instagram shots and other beautiful images from your event will encourage people to tag themselves and share the pictures—and make their friends sad they missed out!

One of many photos from the Windy City Wine Festival we shared on social media.